FIF – Green mortgage to ProCredit Holding AG & Co. KGa. Your panels contributes to the objectives of the FIF, giving support to the Competitive and resistant changeover characteristics.

FIF – Green mortgage to ProCredit Holding AG & Co. KGa. Your panels contributes to the objectives of the FIF, giving support to the Competitive and resistant changeover characteristics.


As allowed by part 2.6 of Section III for the entry to info plan, disclosure within this PSD got deferred in accordance with paragraph 1.4.4 regarding the Directive on accessibility records.

Venture Classification

Your panels will help PCH to fulfill expanding clients demand for eco-friendly financing in SEE and supply the necessary financial support to invest in the carried on development of the their eco-friendly mortgage collection (CAGR of 34percent over 2016 – 2019). As will be mandated under the Policy Statement, EBRD funding will be employed by Computer Serbia and PC Romania to give financing to neighborhood SMEs good targets associated with FIF.

Project Targets

Senior unsecured term financing of up to EUR 20 million to PCH for on-lending to qualified Sub-borrowers by ProCredit Serbia («PC Serbia») and ProCredit Romania («PC Romania»). The Borrower will tackle to ensure that the actual quantity of this premises (i.e. EUR 20 million) would be on-lent by Computer Serbia and Computer Romania to eligible sub-borrowers within a two-year cycle, based on the qualification criteria under PS. The financing can be aligned together with the ProCredit Holding Green Bond platform as well as aided by the EBRD Purchase method. The EBRD investments will supporting businesses development and SME credit in Serbia and Romania good objectives in the economic Intermediaries structure («FIF»).

Changeover Impact

The project plays a role in the targets for the FIF, giving support to the Competitive and resistant change traits. FIF aims to:

(i) Foster SME competitiveness by increasing option of financing; and contribute to the competitiveness of banking institutions by making it possible for invention in technique, goods, procedures and advertising and marketing why not check here pertaining to SME credit.

(ii) By making certain banks and various other banking institutions need sufficient underwriting and hazard administration tactics set up, the FIF in addition aims to inspire renewable financing methods, giving support to the strength from the financial system.

Clients Ideas


ProCredit carrying AG & Co. KGaA (the «Company», «PCH»), a partnership tied to companies incorporated in Germany. PCH try a financial party centering on funding SMEs, with diversified businesses via 12 financial subsidiaries, regarding which 93percent of financing collection is situated in South-Eastern Europe (70per cent) («SEE Region») and Eastern European countries (23%) – coinciding with 10 EBRD region of businesses. The rest of businesses are in south usa i ProCredit Bank Ecuador (6per cent) and Germany (1percent).

EBRD Loans Overview

Total Venture Price


The financial institution are additional because of its Terms: (i) the Bank’s help is crucial in successfully appointment ComputerH’s expanding clients need for environmentally friendly financing, and (ii) in offering adequate savings for PCH to grow the SME credit operations. Qualities: EBRD has actually considerable knowledge of supporting the SME lending and is a professional person in GET-eligible funding of financial institutions; Conditionalities: EBRD’s proceeds would be channelled towards funding SMEs inside the consult region.

Environmental and Societal Summary

Categorised FI (2014 ESP). ProCredit is a current clients on the Bank and certainly will consistently follow EBRD’s show Requirements 2, 4 and 9, like the applying of a satisfactory environmental and personal hazard administration program (ESMS), adherence into the E&S threat control means of Micro, SME and business Lending, plus EBRD’s environment and public Eligibility Criteria for Wind, Solar, Biomass, Hydro and Geothermal stamina, as applicable. The ESMS was applied at every subsidiary and covers 3 pillars: internal ecological management, management of green and personal issues in financing and eco-friendly fund. ProCredit’s recent Green task portfolio is app. EUR 874 million and also cultivated 34% CAGR in 2016-2019 and further 10per cent in 1H2020. The contract between ProCredit and EBRD should include dedication to set aside the EBRD investments add up to the view nations to give new debts to local SMEs. Your panels is consistent with the attain approach and also the GET share are 100percent.

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